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; A loader for images, by Eric Auer 2003.
; This assumes that the image starts with the boot sector,
; which has the size of setup.S in sectors in a byte at offset
; 1f1h (497). Further, I assume setup.S directly after the boot
; sector and the actual memtest head.S after setup.S ...
; This version is derived from memtestL loader, which loads
; memtest.bin from a separate file. This version is meant to
; be used like (DOS / Unix variants):
; copy /b memteste.bin + memtest.bin memtest.exe
; cat memteste.bin memtest.bin > memtest.exe
; The good thing is that you get a single file which can be
; compressed, for example with (UPX).
%define fullsize (150024 + buffer - exeh)
; 150024 is the size of memtest86+ V5.01, adjust as needed!
%define stacksize 2048
%define stackpara ((stacksize + 15) / 16)
; the trick is that NASM believes the header would be part
; of the loaded image, so we "org 20h bytes too early" to fix:
org 0e0h ; NASM thinks after header we have 100h
; which is what we want it to think.
exeh: db "MZ"
dw fullsize % 512 ; how much to load from
dw (fullsize + 511) / 512 ; .exe to RAM
dw 0 ; no relocations used
dw 2 ; header size is 2 * 16 bytes
dw stackpara ; minimum heap is 128 * 16 bytes, for stack
dw stackpara ; we do not need more heap either
dw (fullsize + 15) / 16 ; SS is after file
; segment offsets are relative to PSPseg+10h
; initial DS and ES point to PSPseg, and file
; except headers is loaded to PSPseg+10h.
dw stacksize-4 ; initial SP value
dw 0 ; no checksum
dw 100h ; initial IP
dw -10h ; initial CS relative to PSPseg+10h
dw 0 ; no relocation table, "offset 0 in file"
dw 0 ; this is not an overlay
db "MEMT" ; padding to a multiple of 16 bytes
; loaded part begins here (set CS so that IP is 100h here)
start: ; entry point ; if you use obj + linker, use "..start:"
mov ah, 01h
mov bh, 00h
mov cx, 2000h
int 10h
mov ax,cs ; ***
mov ds,ax ; ***
mov es,ax ; ***
; test if we have 386 or better:
pushf ; save flags
xor ax,ax
push ax
popf ; try to clear all bits
pop ax
and ax,0f000h
cmp ax,0f000h
jz noinst1 ; 4 msb stuck to 1: 808x or 80186
mov ax,0f000h
push ax
popf ; try to set 4 msb
pop ax
test ax,0f000h
jz noinst1 ; 4 msb stuck to 0: 80286
popf ; restore flags
jmp short found386
popf ; restore flags
mov dx,need386
jmp generror
found386: ; now test if the system is in real mode:
smsw ax ; MSW is the low half of CR0
; (smsw is not priv'd, unlike mov eax,cr0)
test al,1 ; if the PE (protected mode) flag on?
%ifndef DEBUG ; ignore findings in debug mode
jnz foundprotected
jmp foundreal
mov dx,noreal
jmp generror
; ------------
need386 db "Sorry, you need at least a 386 CPU to use Memtest86+."
db 13,10,"$"
noreal db "You cannot run Memtest86+ if the system already is in"
db " protected mode.",13,10,"$"
; ------------
generror: ; generic error exit
push cs
pop ds
push cs
pop es
mov ah,9
int 21h
mov ax,4c01h
int 21h
; ------------
mov cx,buffer+15
shr cx,4 ; buffer offset in paragraphs
mov ax,cs
add ax,cx ; buffer offset in paragraphs
; now AX is the buffer segment
mov [cs:bufsetup+2],ax ; far pointer to boot sector now
mov cx,20h ; size of boot sector in paragraphs
add [cs:bufsetup+2],cx ; far pointer to setup now
movzx eax,ax
shl eax,4 ; linear buffer offset
mov [cs:buflinear],eax
findpoint: ; now patch the loader!
mov al,[buffer+1f1h] ; size of setup.S in sectors
; should be 4 ...
inc al ; the boot sector itself
movzx eax,al
shl eax,9 ; log 2 of sector size
add [cs:buflinear],eax ; linear address of head.S now
mov ax,[buffer+251h] ; should be jmp far dword (ofs, seg)
cmp ax,0ea66h
jz foundpatch
patchbug: ; could not patch the jump
mov dx,nopatch
jmp generror
mov dx,nogdt
jmp generror
mov eax,[cs:buflinear]
mov [buffer+253h],eax ; patch the protected mode entry jump
; (offset only - segment selector unchanged: flat linear CS)
mov eax,[cs:buffer+20ch] ; should be lgdt offset
and eax,00ffffffh
cmp eax,0016010fh ; lgdt ...
jnz gdtbug
mov ax,[cs:buffer+20fh] ; GDTR contents pointer
mov bx,ax
mov eax,[cs:buffer+200h+bx+2] ; GDT linear offset
and eax,1ffh ; assume GDT in first sector of setup.S
; *** WARNING: this is needed because setup.S contains
; *** HARDCODED offset of setup.S on linear 90200h, which
; *** is 90000h + bootsect.S ... flaw in Memtest86!
mov cx,[cs:bufsetup+2] ; setup.S segment
movzx ecx,cx
shl ecx,4 ; linear setup.S address
add eax,ecx ; fixed GDT linear offset
mov [cs:buffer+200h+bx+2],eax ; patch it
;mov dx,trying
;mov ah,9
;int 21h
;xor ax,ax
;int 16h ; wait for a keypress from the user
mov ax,[cs:bufsetup+2] ; setup segment
mov ds,ax ; set nice data segments for setup.S ...
mov es,ax
xor ax,ax
mov fs,ax
mov gs,ax
lss sp,[cs:newstack] ; stack in first 64k now!
movzx esp,sp ; ensure 16bit stack pointer
; Memtest86 head.S assumes that it can just turn SS to
; linear. This would put the stack at 0:200h or so for us
; if we fail to move the stack around ...
%ifdef DEBUG
mov ebp,[cs:buflinear] ; will show up in debugging logs
mov esi,[cs:bufsetup] ; will show up in debugging logs
jmp far [cs:bufsetup]
; setup.S will enable the A20 (ignoring HIMEM, just using
; the classic 8042 programming trick) and turn on protected
; mode. Then it will jump to head.S, which luckily can run
; from any offset inside the linear 4 GB CS ...
; ------------
buflinear dd 0 ; linear address of head.S entry point
bufsetup dw 0,0 ; far pointer to setup.S entry point
newstack dw 03fch,0 ; beware, stack will overwrite IDT.
; ------------
nopatch db "jmp far dword not found at setup.S offset 37h,",13,10
db "(file offset 237h is not 66h, 0eah)",13,10
db "please adjust and recompile memtestl...",13,10,"$"
nogdt db "lgdt [...] not found at setup.S offset 0ch,",13,10
db "(file offset 20ch is not 0fh, 01h, 16h)",13,10
db "please adjust and recompile memtestl...",13,10,"$"
trying db "Now trying to start Memtest86...",13,10
db "You have to reboot to leave Memtest86 again.",13,10
db "Press a key to go on.",13,10,"$"
; ------------
align 16
buffer: ; a label pointing to where in the file memtest.bin will be.