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# check to see if the correct tools are installed
for X in wc genisoimage
if [ "$(which $X)" = "" ]; then
echo " error: $X is not in your path." >&2
exit 1
elif [ ! -x $(which $X) ]; then
echo " error: $X is not executable." >&2
exit 1
#check to see if memtest.bin is present
if [ ! -w memtest.bin ]; then
echo " error: cannot find memtest.bin, did you compile it?" >&2
exit 1
# enlarge the size of memtest.bin
SIZE=$(wc -c memtest.bin | awk '{print $1}')
FILL=$((1474560 - $SIZE))
dd if=/dev/zero of=fill.tmp bs=$FILL count=1
cat memtest.bin fill.tmp > memtest.img
rm -f fill.tmp
echo "Generating iso image ..."
mkdir "cd"
mkdir "cd/boot"
mv memtest.img cd/boot
cd cd
# Create the cd.README
echo -e "There is nothing to do here\r\r\nMemtest86+ is located on the bootsector of this CD\r\r\n" > README.TXT
echo -e "Just boot from this CD and Memtest86+ will launch" >> README.TXT
genisoimage -A "MKISOFS 1.1.2" -p "Memtest86+ 5.01" -publisher "Samuel D. <>" -b boot/memtest.img -c boot/boot.catalog -V "MT501" -o memtest.iso .
mv memtest.iso ../mt501.iso
cd ..
rm -rf cd
echo "Done! Memtest86+ 5.01 ISO is mt501.iso"