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/* test.h - MemTest-86 Version 3.4
* Released under version 2 of the Gnu Public License.
* By Chris Brady
#ifndef _TEST_H_
#define _TEST_H_
#define E88 0x00
#define E801 0x04
#define E820NR 0x08 /* # entries in E820MAP */
#define E820MAP 0x0c /* our map */
#define E820MAX 127 /* number of entries in E820MAP */
#define E820ENTRY_SIZE 20
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#define E820_RAM 1
#define E820_RESERVED 2
#define E820_ACPI 3 /* usable as RAM once ACPI tables have been read */
#define E820_NVS 4
struct e820entry {
unsigned long long addr; /* start of memory segment */
unsigned long long size; /* size of memory segment */
unsigned long type; /* type of memory segment */
struct mem_info_t {
unsigned long e88_mem_k; /* 0x00 */
unsigned long e801_mem_k; /* 0x04 */
unsigned long e820_nr; /* 0x08 */
struct e820entry e820[E820MAX]; /* 0x0c */
/* 0x28c */
typedef unsigned long ulong;
#define STACKSIZE (8*1024)
#define MAX_MEM 0x7FF00000 /* 8 TB */
#define WIN_SZ 0x80000 /* 2 GB */
#define UNMAP_SZ (0x100000-WIN_SZ) /* Size of umappped first segment */
#define SPINSZ 0x4000000 /* 256 MB */
#define MOD_SZ 20
#define BAILOUT if (bail) return(1);
#define BAILR if (bail) return;
#define RES_START 0xa0000
#define RES_END 0x100000
#define SCREEN_ADR 0xb8000
#define SCREEN_END_ADR (SCREEN_ADR + 80*25*2)
#define DMI_SEARCH_START 0x0000F000
#define MAX_DMI_MEMDEVS 16
#define TITLE_WIDTH 28
#define LINE_TITLE 0
#define LINE_TST 3
#define LINE_RANGE 4
#define LINE_PAT 5
#define LINE_TIME 5
#define LINE_STATUS 8
#define LINE_INFO 9
#define LINE_HEADER 12
#define LINE_SCROLL 14
#define LINE_SPD 14
#define LINE_MSG 22
#define LINE_CPU 7
#define LINE_RAM 8
#define LINE_DMI 23
#define COL_INF1 15
#define COL_INF2 32
#define COL_INF3 51
#define COL_INF4 70
#define COL_MODE 15
#define COL_MID 30
#define COL_PAT 41
#define BAR_SIZE (78-COL_MID-9)
#define COL_MSG 23
#define COL_TIME 67
#define COL_SPEC 41
#define POP_W 34
#define POP_H 15
#define POP_X 11
#define POP_Y 8
#define POP2_W 74
#define POP2_H 21
#define POP2_X 3
#define POP2_Y 2
/* CPU mode types */
#define CPM_ALL 1
#define CPM_RROBIN 2
#define CPM_SEQ 3
/* memspeed operations */
#define MS_COPY 1
#define MS_WRITE 2
#define MS_READ 3
#define SZ_MODE_BIOS 1
#define SZ_MODE_PROBE 2
#define getCx86(reg) ({ outb((reg), 0x22); inb(0x23); })
int memcmp(const void *s1, const void *s2, ulong count);
void *memmove(void *dest, const void *src, ulong n);
int strncmp(const char *s1, const char *s2, ulong n);
int strstr(char *str1, char *str2);
int strlen(char *string);
int query_linuxbios(void);
int query_pcbios(void);
int query_multiboot(void);
int insertaddress(ulong);
void printpatn(void);
void printpatn(void);
void itoa(char s[], int n);
void reverse(char *p);
void serial_console_setup(char *param);
void serial_echo_init(void);
void serial_echo_print(const char *s);
void ttyprint(int y, int x, const char *s);
void ttyprintc(int y, int x, char c);
void cprint(int y,int x, const char *s);
void cplace(int y,int x, const char s);
void hprint(int y,int x, ulong val);
void hprint2(int y,int x, ulong val, int len);
void hprint3(int y,int x, ulong val, int len);
void xprint(int y,int x,ulong val);
void aprint(int y,int x,ulong page);
void dprint(int y,int x,ulong val,int len, int right);
void movinv1(int iter, ulong p1, ulong p2, int cpu);
void movinvr(int cpu);
void movinv32(int iter, ulong p1, ulong lb, ulong mb, int sval, int off,
int cpu);
void modtst(int off, int iter, ulong p1, ulong p2, int cpu);
void error(ulong* adr, ulong good, ulong bad);
void ad_err1(ulong *adr1, ulong *adr2, ulong good, ulong bad);
void ad_err2(ulong *adr, ulong bad);
void do_tick();
void init(void);
struct eregs;
void inter(struct eregs *trap_regs);
void set_cache(int val);
void check_input(void);
void footer(void);
void scroll(void);
void clear_scroll(void);
void popup(void);
void popdown(void);
void popclear(void);
void pop2up(void);
void pop2down(void);
void pop2clear(void);
void get_config(void);
void get_menu(void);
void get_printmode(void);
void addr_tst1(int cpu);
void addr_tst2(int cpu);
int getnum(ulong val);
void sleep(long sec, int flag, int cpu, int sms);
void block_move(int iter, int cpu);
void find_ticks(void);
void print_err(ulong *adr, ulong good, ulong bad, ulong xor);
void print_ecc_err(ulong page, ulong offset, int corrected,
unsigned short syndrome, int channel);
void mem_size(void);
void adj_mem(void);
ulong getval(int x, int y, int result_shift);
int get_key(void);
int ascii_to_keycode(int in);
void wait_keyup(void);
void print_hdr(void);
void restart(void);
void parity_err(ulong edi, ulong esi);
void start_config(void);
void clear_screen(void);
void paging_off(void);
void show_spd(void);
int map_page(unsigned long page);
void *mapping(unsigned long page_address);
void *emapping(unsigned long page_address);
int isdigit(char c);
ulong memspeed(ulong src, ulong len, int iter);
unsigned long page_of(void *ptr);
ulong correct_tsc(ulong el_org);
void bit_fade_fill(unsigned long n, int cpu);
void bit_fade_chk(unsigned long n, int cpu);
void find_ticks_for_pass(void);
void beep(unsigned int frequency);
struct pair {
ulong adr;
ulong mask;
static inline void cache_off(void)
"push %eax\n\t"
"movl %cr0,%eax\n\t"
"orl $0x40000000,%eax\n\t" /* Set CD */
"movl %eax,%cr0\n\t"
"pop %eax\n\t");
static inline void cache_on(void)
"push %eax\n\t"
"movl %cr0,%eax\n\t"
"andl $0x9fffffff,%eax\n\t" /* Clear CD and NW */
"movl %eax,%cr0\n\t"
"pop %eax\n\t");
struct mmap {
ulong pbase_addr;
ulong *start;
ulong *end;
struct pmap {
ulong start;
ulong end;
struct tseq {
short sel;
short cpu_sel;
short pat;
short iter;
short errors;
char *msg;
struct xadr {
ulong page;
ulong offset;
struct err_info {
struct xadr low_addr;
struct xadr high_addr;
unsigned long ebits;
long tbits;
short min_bits;
short max_bits;
unsigned long maxl;
unsigned long eadr;
unsigned long exor;
unsigned long cor_err;
short hdr_flag;
#define X86_FEATURE_PAE (0*32+ 6) /* Physical Address Extensions */
/* Define common variables accross relocations of memtest86 */
struct vars {
int pass;
int msg_line;
int ecount;
int ecc_ecount;
int msegs;
int testsel;
int scroll_start;
int pass_ticks;
int total_ticks;
int pptr;
int tptr;
struct err_info erri;
struct pmap pmap[MAX_MEM_SEGMENTS];
volatile struct mmap map[MAX_MEM_SEGMENTS];
ulong plim_lower;
ulong plim_upper;
ulong clks_msec;
ulong starth;
ulong startl;
ulong snaph;
ulong snapl;
int printmode;
int numpatn;
struct pair patn [BADRAM_MAXPATNS];
ulong test_pages;
ulong selected_pages;
ulong reserved_pages;
int check_temp;
int fail_safe;
int each_sec;
int beepmode;
extern struct vars * const v;
extern unsigned char _start[], _end[], startup_32[];
extern unsigned char _size, _pages;
extern struct mem_info_t mem_info;
#endif /* __ASSEMBLY__ */
#endif /* _TEST_H_ */