ich_descriptors: Update for Intel Skylake

Interpretation of component clocks changed. Also more regions and more
masters are supported now. The number of regions (NR) is now static per
chipset (10 in the 100 Series case) and not coded into the descriptor
any more.

v2: o Use guess_ich_chipset() for read_ich_descriptors_from_dump().
    o Update region extraction in `ich_descriptors_tool`.

TEST=Run `ich_descriptors_tool` over a 100 Series dump and checked
     that output looks sane. Run `ich_descriptors_tool` over dumps
     of five different older systems (1 x Sandy Bridge, 3 x Ivy Bridge,
     1 x Haswell). Beside whitespace changes, regions not accounted
     by `NR` are not printed any more.

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