Trivial SPI cleanups

While writing a new SPI driver I fixed some things in the SPI code:
All calls to spi_command() had unneccessary #define duplications, and in some
cases the read count define could theoretically become harmful because NULL was
passed for the read buffer. Avoid a crash, should someone change the #defines.

I also noticed that the only caller of spi_page_program() was the it87 driver,
and spi_page_program() could only call back into the it87 driver. Removed the
function for easier-to-follow code and made it8716f_spi_page_program() static.
The ichspi driver's static page functions are already static.

Corresponding to flashrom svn r302 and coreboot v2 svn r3418.

Signed-off-by: Peter Stuge <>
Acked-by: Peter Stuge <>
4 files changed