Add support for RayeR SPIPGM hardware as described in

To use the RayeR driver, run
flashrom -p rayer_spi -V

Known bugs/limitations:
- Won't compile/work on non-x86 architectures.
- Will always use direct port I/O access.

Log follows:

flashrom v0.9.2-r1039 on MS-DOS 7 (i686), built with libpci 3.1.5, GCC 
4.3.2, little endian
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
Initializing rayer_bitbang_spi programmer
Using port 0x378 as I/O base for parallel port access.
Probing for Macronix MX25L1605, 2048 KB: probe_spi_rdid_generic: id1 
0xc2, id2 0x2015
Found chip "Macronix MX25L1605" (2048 KB, SPI) at physical address 
No operations were specified.

Corresponding to flashrom svn r1093.

Signed-off-by: Carl-Daniel Hailfinger <>
Acked-by: Martin Rehak <>
Acked-by: Michael Karcher <>
6 files changed