pcidev.c: populate IDs with pci_fill_info()

With pciutils 3.7.0, flashrom is unable to match any PCI devices by
vendor/device ID because the vendor_id and device_id fields of struct
pci_dev are not filled in.

Call pci_fill_info() to request these identifiers before trying to match
them against the supported device list.

The pciutils ChangeLog for 3.7.0 mentions that the documentation and
back-end behavior for pci_fill_info() was updated; it seems that a call
to pci_fill_info() was always intended to be required, but some backends
(such as the sysfs one used on Linux) would fill the identifier fields
even when not requested by the user.  The pci_fill_info() function and
the PCI_FILL_IDENT flag have been available for all versions of pciutils
since at least 2.0 from 1999, so it should be safe to add without any
version checks.

With this change, reading/writing a nicintel_spi boot ROM is successful.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Verkamp <dverkamp@chromium.org>
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