Add support to get layout from fmap (e.g. coreboot rom)

Flashmap, or simply fmap, is a binary data format for describing
region offsets, sizes, and certain attributes and is widely used by
coreboot. This patch adds support for the fmap data format version 1.1
and adds --fmap and --fmap-file arguments.

Using --fmap will make flashrom to search the ROM content for fmap
data. Using --fmap-file will make flashrom search a supplied file
for fmap data.

An example of how to update the COREBOOT region of a ROM:
flashrom -p programmer --fmap -w coreboot.rom -i COREBOOT
flashrom -p programmer --fmap-file coreboot.rom -w coreboot.rom -i COREBOOT

The fmap functions are mostly copied from cbfstool.

Currently it is made mutually exclusive with other layout options until
we are more clever about this input.

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Signed-off-by: David Hendricks <>
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