Fix compilation with older MinGW versions

The __MINGW_PRINTF_FORMAT constant has been defined back in 2012

However older toolchains are still around and some user reported the
following compilation failure:

  flash.h:336:1: error: '__MINGW_PRINTF_FORMAT' is an unrecognized format function  type [-Werror=format=]
    __attribute__((format(__MINGW_PRINTF_FORMAT, 2, 3)));

Fix this by defining the constant when it isn't already; the change does
not affect other compilers because it's guarded by "#ifdef __MINGW32__".

Setting  __MINGW_PRINTF_FORMAT to gnu_printf is exactly what newer MinGW
versions do when __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO is defined, which it is in
flashrom Makefile.

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