spi25: Debug flashrom crash when Write Protect is ON

When hardware write protect is applied, flashrom crashed and
generate coredump. spi_disable_blockprotect_generic() calls
flash->chip->printlock() method when disable was failed,
but this method is optional, can be NULL depends on type of
flashrom chip. NULL pointer check before call is added to
avoid crash.

TEST=Run on Mistral P2
(On CR50 console, run "wp disable")
flashrom --wp-range 0 0x400000
flashrom --wp-enable
(On CR50 console, run "wp enable")
flashrom -r /tmp/test.bin
Verify "Block protection could not be disabled!" is shown,
but flash read completes.
Signed-off-by: Yuji Sasaki <sasakiy@chromium.org>

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