tests: Add unit test to run init/shutdown for linux_spi.c

The current implementation tests a particular path of the init
procedure. There are two ways for it to succeed: reading the buffer
size from sysfs and the fallback to getpagesize(). This test does
the latter (fallback to getpagesize).

Extract from meson-logs/testlog.txt for new test:

[ RUN      ] linux_spi_init_and_shutdown_test_success
Testing programmer_init for programmer=25 ...
__wrap_open64 is called
__wrap_ioctl is called
__wrap_ioctl is called
__wrap_ioctl is called
__wrap_fopen64 is called
... programmer_init for programmer=25 successful
Testing programmer_shutdown for programmer=25 ...
... programmer_shutdown for programmer=25 successful
[       OK ] linux_spi_init_and_shutdown_test_success

TEST=builds and ninja test

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