serprog: add opcode to control the programmer's output drivers

This allowed me to let the clips remain attached on my D946GZIS while
playing with coreboot/serialice.

Corresponding to flashrom svn r1618.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Tauner <>
Acked-by: Stefan Tauner <>
diff --git a/serprog.h b/serprog.h
index 8d11772..b54aaea 100644
--- a/serprog.h
+++ b/serprog.h
@@ -22,3 +22,4 @@
 #define S_CMD_S_BUSTYPE		0x12	/* Set used bustype(s).				*/
 #define S_CMD_O_SPIOP		0x13	/* Perform SPI operation.			*/
 #define S_CMD_S_SPI_FREQ	0x14	/* Set SPI clock frequency			*/
+#define S_CMD_S_PIN_STATE	0x15	/* Enable/disable output drivers		*/