Add support for the ENE Embedded Debug Interface EDI and KB9012 EC

The ENE Embedded Debug Interface (EDI) is a SPI-based interface for
accessing the memory of ENE embedded controllers.

The ENE KB9012 EC is an embedded controller found on various laptops
such as the Lenovo G505s. It features a 8051 microcontroller and
has 128 KiB of internal storage for program data.

EDI can be accessed on the KB9012 through pins 59-62 (CS-CLK-MOSI-MISO)
when flash direct access is not in use. Some firmwares disable EDI at runtime
so it might be necessary to ground pin 42 to reset the 8051 microcontroller
before accessing the KB9012 via EDI.

The example of flashing KB9012 at Lenovo G505S laptop could be found here:

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