realtek_mst_i2c_spi.c: Fix _spi_write256() as documented

Turns out broken erasures highlighted some of the issues
in the write256 implementation. After a fair amount of
time deciphering scarce documentation details a correct
implementation was finally derived.

V.2: Rename 'start_program() -> execute_write()' to
  clarify the intention and not to overload the term
  'program' since the MST actually runs a 'program'

TEST=flashrom -p realtek_mst_i2c_spi:bus=8 -E &&
  flashrom -p realtek_mst_i2c_spi:bus=8 -w foo &&
  flashrom -p realtek_mst_i2c_spi:bus=8 -r foo &&
  hexdump -C foo

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