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# A hook script to verify what is about to be pushed. Called by "git
# push" after it has checked the remote status, but before anything has been
# pushed. If this script exits with a non-zero status nothing will be pushed.
# This hook is called with the following parameters:
# $1 -- Name of the remote to which the push is being done
# $2 -- URL to which the push is being done
# If pushing without using a named remote those arguments will be equal.
# Information about the commits which are being pushed is supplied as lines to
# the standard input in the form:
# <local ref> <local sha1> <remote ref> <remote sha1>
# Only care about the upstream repositories
if echo "$url" | grep -q -v -E "$upstream_pattern" ; then
exit 0
while read local_ref local_sha remote_ref remote_sha ; do
# Only allow the stable and staging branches as well as versioned stable branches (e.g., 0.0.x).
# The matching expression's RE is always anchored to the first character (^ is undefined).
# The outer parentheses are needed to print out the whole matched string.
version=$(expr ${remote_ref#*refs/heads/} : '\(\([0-9]\+\.\)\{2,\}x\)$')
if [ "$remote_ref" != "refs/heads/staging" ] && \
[ "$remote_ref" != "refs/heads/stable" ] && \
[ -z "$version" ]; then
echo "Feature branches not allowed ($remote_ref)." >&2
exit 1
if [ "$local_sha" = $zero ]; then
echo "Deletion of branches is prohibited." >&2
exit 1
# Check for Signed-off-by and Acked-by
commit=$(git rev-list -n 1 --all-match --invert-grep -E \
--grep '^Signed-off-by: .+ <.+@.+\..+>$' \
--grep '^Acked-by: .+ <.+@.+\..+>$' \
if [ -n "$commit" ]; then
echo "Commit $local_sha in $local_ref is missing either \"Signed-off-by\"" \
" or \"Acked-by\" lines, not pushing." >&2
exit 1
# Make _really_ sure we do not rewrite history of any head/branch
if [ "${remote_ref#*refs/heads/}" != "$remote_ref" ]; then
nonreachable=$(git rev-list $remote_sha ^$local_sha | head -1)
if [ -n "$nonreachable" ]; then
echo "Only fast-forward pushes are allowed on branches." >&2
echo "At least $nonreachable is not included in $remote_sha while pushing to " \
"$remote_ref" >&2
exit 1
# FIXME: check commit log format (subject without full stop at the end etc).
# FIXME: do buildbot checks if authorized?
exit 0