Add option to read ROM layout from IFD

Add an option --ifd to read the ROM layout from an Intel Firmware
Descriptor (IFD). Works the same as the -l option, if given, -i
specifies the images to update.

v2: o Rebased on libflashrom, use libflashrom interface.
    o Use functions from ich_descriptors.c.

v3: o Move ich_descriptors.o to LIB_OBJS, thus build it independent
      of arch and programmers.
    o Bail out if we aren't compiled for little endian.
    o Update flashrom.8.tmpl.

v4: o Incorporated David's comments.
    o Removed single-character `-d` option.

v5: Changed region names to match the output of `ifdtool --layout ...`

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Signed-off-by: Nico Huber <>
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