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flashrom README
flashrom is a utility for reading, writing, verifying and erasing flash ROM
chips. It's often used to flash BIOS/coreboot/firmware images.
It supports a wide range of DIP32, PLCC32, DIP8, SO8/SOIC8, TSOP32, and
TSOP40 chips, which use various protocols such as LPC, FWH, parallel flash,
or SPI.
(see for details on coreboot)
Build Requirements
To build flashrom you need to install the following packages or ports:
Linux et al:
* pciutils
* pciutils-devel / pciutils-dev / libpci-dev
* zlib-devel / zlib1g-dev
On FreeBSD, you need the following ports:
* devel/gmake
* devel/libpci
To compile on Linux, use:
To compile on FreeBSD, use:
To compile on Solaris, use:
gmake LDFLAGS="-L$pathtolibpci -lpci -lz" CC="gcc -I$pathtopciheaders" \
To compile on DragonFly BSD, use:
ln -s /usr/pkg/include/pciutils pci
gmake CFLAGS=-I. LDFLAGS="-L/usr/pkg/lib -lpci -lz"
To compile and run on Darwin/Mac OS X:
Install DirectIO from coresystems GmbH.
DirectIO is available at
Usage / Options
Please see the flashrom(8) manpage.
Exit status
Please see the flashrom(8) manpage.
coreboot Table and Mainboard Identification
Please see the flashrom(8) manpage.
ROM Layout Support
Please see the flashrom(8) manpage.
Supported Flash Chips / Chipsets / Mainboards
Please check the output of 'flashrom -L' for the list of supported
flash chips, chipsets/southbridges, and mainboards.
See also for more details.