dummyflasher.c: Get rid of get_data_from_context()

Relying on the global state 'dummy_buses_supported' to
determine the member master struct [mst.par or mst.spi]
is both buggy and ultimately unnecessary. It became
apparent after commit 4eef651ff503f81b77 just how fragile
this really was as the 'defaults' simultaneously selected
both buses causing get_data_from_context() to fall-though
however memory happened to workout by chance due to the
union. With the member master structs now being struct
fields the subtle bug is more apparent.

TEST=`./flashrom -r /tmp/fwupdater.apnSQQ -p dummy:emulate=VARIABLE_SIZE,image=test_update.sh.tmp.emu,size=8388608`

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