1. fdb348a libpayload: reintroduce optional PCI in XHCI driver by Patrick Georgi · 11 years ago
  2. 8992e53 libpayload: Add USB support for non-PCI controllers by Stefan Reinauer · 11 years ago
  3. c371442 libpayload: Switch xHCI shared ports back to EHCI on shutdown by Nico Huber · 11 years ago
  4. 9029265 libpayload: Fill gaps in the xHCI driver by Nico Huber · 11 years ago
  5. 6bf11cf libpayload: Use usb_debug() to show USB messages by Dave Frodin · 12 years ago
  6. 6e711c6 libpayload: Add init() function to hci_t and rework uhci_reset() by Nico Huber · 12 years ago
  7. aaa212d libpayload: Do not call ohci_reset() from ohci_init() by Nico Huber · 12 years ago
  8. 93ded59 libpayload: Turn the "debug" #define into the usb_debug static inline function. by Gabe Black · 12 years ago
  9. 1c36ead libpayload: add controller type in usbdev_hc by Anton Kochkov · 12 years ago
  10. 2e768e7 libpayload: Drop usb_fatal() by Patrick Georgi · 13 years ago
  11. 6615ef3 Add support for OHCI controllers and prelimiary support for xHCI (USB3) controllers. by Patrick Georgi · 14 years ago