1. 448e386 drivers/pc80: Add PS/2 mouse presence detect by Timothy Pearson · 9 years ago
  2. a73b931 tree: drop last paragraph of GPL copyright header by Patrick Georgi · 9 years ago
  3. d0e212c devicetree: Discriminate device ops scan_bus() by Kyösti Mälkki · 9 years ago
  4. b890a12 Remove address from GPLv2 headers by Patrick Georgi · 9 years ago
  5. fc3643f southbridge/dmp/vortex86ex/southbridge.c: Silence bitwise op warns by Edward O'Callaghan · 9 years ago
  6. b3f08c6 cmos: Rename the CMOS related functions. by Gabe Black · 10 years ago
  7. c2519e5 dmp/vortex86ex/southbridge.c: Do not access arrays out of bound by Daniele Forsi · 10 years ago
  8. def00be src/drivers/pc80: Remove empty struct keyboard by Edward O'Callaghan · 10 years ago
  9. a4c7b7a vortex86ex: Drop baudrate programming for 10 UARTs by Kyösti Mälkki · 10 years ago
  10. a4ae310 dmp/vortex86ex: Initialize I2C controller base address/IRQ by Andrew Wu · 10 years ago
  11. fea5b50 vortex86ex: Change PCI S/B resource reservation functions for more I/O devices. by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  12. 1fefa84 dmp/vortex86ex: Add timeout for keyboard system flag checking. by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  13. 33b0956 dmp/vortex86ex: Move DMP specific POST code defines into one file by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  14. 1ce4860 vortex86ex: Defer checking PS/2 keyboard controller system flag by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  15. 3fa1a13 dmp/vortex86ex: Initialize PS/2 keyboard. by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  16. 5291432 Vortex86EX southbridge routes more built-in PCI device IRQs. by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago
  17. 00bf647 Add support for DMP Vortex86EX PCI southbridge. by Andrew Wu · 11 years ago