1. 6116f36 codebase: Change makefile $(shell pwd) commands to $(CURDIR) by Martin Roth · 6 years ago
  2. 0ff8f90 viatool: add NetBSD support by Andrey Korolyov · 6 years ago
  3. a73b931 tree: drop last paragraph of GPL copyright header by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  4. 0be83c0 util: Update makefiles for junit testing by Martin Roth · 7 years ago
  5. 5264862 Remove empty lines at end of file by Elyes HAOUAS · 7 years ago
  6. b890a12 Remove address from GPLv2 headers by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  7. 67f556c viatool: Add utility to read various configuration bits on VIA systems by Alexandru Gagniuc · 10 years ago