1. cd49cce coreboot: Replace all IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_XXX) with CONFIG(XXX) by Julius Werner · 5 years ago
  2. 9ec6928 google/gru: Fix GPIO_WP pull and polarity for Scarlet by Julius Werner · 6 years ago
  3. d88fb36 security/tpm: Change TPM naming for different layers. by Philipp Deppenwiese · 7 years ago
  4. 64e2d19 security/tpm: Move tpm TSS and TSPI layer to security section by Philipp Deppenwiese · 7 years ago
  5. 18617bf google/gru: correct backlight gpio by Lin Huang · 7 years ago
  6. 1ab8c01 gru: Fix and export SPK_PA_EN GPIO for Scarlet by Julius Werner · 7 years ago
  7. 3d96625 google/gru: tpm on bob: cr50: add irq clear/irq status for tpm irq by Jeffy Chen · 7 years ago
  8. cd2afc0 google/chromeec: Add common infrastructure for boot-mode switches by Furquan Shaikh · 8 years ago
  9. 4884c5d google/gru: Fix rk3399-gru write protect by Douglas Anderson · 8 years ago
  10. 1592bfb google/gru: Enable coreboot read recovery event by Shelley Chen · 8 years ago
  11. fe0dd6f gru: Add get_developer_mode_switch() by Simon Glass · 8 years ago
  12. 9ed93cb gru: kevin: configure board GPIOs by Vadim Bendebury · 8 years ago
  13. 91d94b0 google/gru: Incorporate feedback to #14279 by Patrick Georgi · 8 years ago
  14. a6dbfb5 google/gru: Add a stub rk3399 mainboard by huang lin · 8 years ago