1. c5e036a Get rid of a number of __GNUC__ checks by Stefan Reinauer · 11 years ago
  2. a46a712 GPLv2 notice: Unify all files to just use one space in »MA 02110-1301« by Paul Menzel · 11 years ago
  3. c2bf26d Move RCBA defines to northbridge (instead of mainboard) by Patrick Georgi · 14 years ago
  4. 6f57b51 Fix all warnings in the tree by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago
  5. c70e9fc Various license header consistency fixes (trivial). by Uwe Hermann · 14 years ago
  6. 1a692d8 Add support for the Intel Eagle Heights development board. by Thomas Jourdan · 15 years ago
  7. a9faea8 This patch implements support for the Intel 3100 integrated by Ed Swierk · 16 years ago