1. 4635787 src/arch: Fix checkpatch warning: no spaces at the start of a line by Martin Roth · 5 years ago
  2. 777ea89 src/arch: Capitalize CPU, RAM and ROM by Elyes HAOUAS · 6 years ago
  3. 5264862 Remove empty lines at end of file by Elyes HAOUAS · 7 years ago
  4. 635ee51 arm: Prevent compilation of old, experimental SMP support by Julius Werner · 8 years ago
  5. 51edd54 ARM: Generalize armv7 as arm. by Gabe Black · 9 years ago[Renamed from src/arch/armv7/cpu.c]
  6. d6b16f5 Set armv7 up for cpu_info to work as on x86 (so threads can work) by Ronald G. Minnich · 9 years ago
  7. 8a4ce28 ARMv7: Drop more unused files by Stefan Reinauer · 10 years ago
  8. 52db0b9 WIP: Initial ARMv7 architecture implementation in coreboot by Stefan Reinauer · 10 years ago