1. 6b5bc77 treewide: Remove "this file is part of" lines by Patrick Georgi · 2 years, 3 months ago
  2. 11f0079 src/arch/x86: Convert to SPDX license header by Patrick Georgi · 2 years, 6 months ago
  3. 20bbd81 AUTHORS: Move src/arch/x86 copyrights into AUTHORS file by Martin Roth · 3 years ago
  4. 879eab8 arch/x86/acpi/statdef.asl: Remove unnecessary whitespace by Elyes HAOUAS · 4 years, 7 months ago
  5. a73b931 tree: drop last paragraph of GPL copyright header by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  6. b890a12 Remove address from GPLv2 headers by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  7. 4202f5d misc,ASL: Trivial - drop trailing blank lines at EOF by Edward O'Callaghan · 8 years ago
  8. a46a712 GPLv2 notice: Unify all files to just use one space in »MA 02110-1301« by Paul Menzel · 9 years ago
  9. 8677a23 After this has been brought up many times before, rename src/arch/i386 to by Stefan Reinauer · 12 years ago[Renamed from src/arch/i386/acpi/statdef.asl]
  10. f8ba64d Deduplicate various ACPI .asl files. by Uwe Hermann · 12 years ago[Renamed from src/mainboard/amd/dbm690t/acpi/statdef.asl]
  11. 806def8 I missed the svn add on r3787. These are the additional files. by Joe Bao · 14 years ago