1. 6108958 nvidia mcp55: drop unused dbg_info by Stefan Reinauer · 13 years ago
  2. c7f0c8f MCP55: Cosmetic fixes, switch to u8 et al. by Uwe Hermann · 13 years ago
  3. 836ae29 first round name simplification. drop the <component>_ prefix. by stepan · 14 years ago[Renamed from src/southbridge/nvidia/mcp55/mcp55_usb2.c]
  4. dca8b1b Use common code to set PCI subsystem in mcp55. by Jonathan Kollasch · 14 years ago
  5. 5c9bc13 Drop some unneeded "#if CONFIG_USBDEBUG" (trivial). by Uwe Hermann · 14 years ago
  6. 7e00a44 also rename the config option. by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago
  7. da32373 Long ago we agreed on kicking the _direct appendix because everything in by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago
  8. 7e61e45 Please bear with me - another rename checkin. This qualifies as trivial, no by Stefan Reinauer · 16 years ago
  9. f1cf1f7 Ever wondered where those "setting incorrect section attributes for by Stefan Reinauer · 17 years ago
  10. c3aaf6a This patch adds the MCP55 PCI IDs (without which the southbridge code by Ed Swierk · 17 years ago
  11. c65bd56 Add support for the NVIDIA MCP55 southbridge. by Yinghai Lu · 17 years ago