1. 35e1c86 VIA southbridge K8T890: Apply un-written naming rules by Kyösti Mälkki · 12 years ago
  2. 025ead7 Extended K8T890 driver to include the K8T800 and K8M800 northbridges by Alexandru Gagniuc · 13 years ago
  3. 53b0b50 Fix the the build of r5494 on Asus A8V-E SE. The K8M890 and K8T890 by Rudolf Marek · 14 years ago
  4. 88f55b2 some progress on kconfig: by Patrick Georgi · 15 years ago
  5. dc9cabd Add via south support. Correct usage of conditional variables. by Ronald G. Minnich · 15 years ago
  6. 0588d19 Kconfig! Works on Kontron, qemu, and serengeti. by Patrick Georgi · 15 years ago