1. 23f38cd Get rid of drivers class by Patrick Georgi · 11 years ago
  2. 12b7262 VIA cpus: apply un-written naming rules by Kyösti Mälkki · 11 years ago[Renamed (88%) from src/cpu/via/model_c7/Makefile.inc]
  3. 8463dd9 Rename build system variables to be more intuitive, and by Patrick Georgi · 13 years ago
  4. 5934b50 Move the CPU specific includes from by Patrick Georgi · 13 years ago
  5. f078be2 Remove some more instances of including previous empty x86/fpu/Makefile.inc by Peter Stuge · 14 years ago
  6. 2c54f90 Drop empty cpu/x86/{mmx,sse}/{Config.lb,Makefile.inc} and remove references by Peter Stuge · 14 years ago
  7. 7762606 Similar to r4626, change obj-y to driver-y for VIA C3 and C7. by Uwe Hermann · 14 years ago
  8. d82e128 This goes a surprisingly long way to building the epia-n. It also has by Ronald G. Minnich · 14 years ago
  9. 0588d19 Kconfig! Works on Kontron, qemu, and serengeti. by Patrick Georgi · 14 years ago