1. f7ca225 superio/winbond/*/header: Include <arch/io.h> by Arthur Heymans · 6 years ago
  2. a73b931 tree: drop last paragraph of GPL copyright header by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  3. b890a12 Remove address from GPLv2 headers by Patrick Georgi · 8 years ago
  4. 85836c2 superio: Use 'pnp_devfn_t' over 'device_t' in romstage component by Edward O'Callaghan · 9 years ago
  5. f12a247 superio/winbond/w83627thg: Remove w83627thg_enable_serial symbol by Edward O'Callaghan · 9 years ago
  6. 4f5a525 superio/winbond/w83627thg: Avoid .c includes by Edward O'Callaghan · 9 years ago
  7. a46a712 GPLv2 notice: Unify all files to just use one space in »MA 02110-1301« by Paul Menzel · 10 years ago
  8. 355092b Add code to set the clock speed for Winbond W83627THF/THG. by Idwer Vollering · 11 years ago
  9. 340fa93 Random Winbond Super I/O cosmetic and coding-style fixes. by Uwe Hermann · 12 years ago
  10. 7fa0819 Add #include guards to all Super I/O header files (trivial). by Uwe Hermann · 12 years ago
  11. 9db833b trival. All the changes is about comment and spaces. In superio folder. by Zheng Bao · 13 years ago
  12. b70d199 Implement support for the Winbond W83627THG. by Stefan Reinauer · 14 years ago