1. 88a61bb nuvoton/nct5572d: Disable mouse controller also during resume by Paul Menzel · 5 years ago
  2. 6ff1078 superio: Log if mouse controller is disabled by Paul Menzel · 5 years ago
  3. 7daac91 device/pnp: remove struct io_info by Samuel Holland · 6 years ago
  4. 57603e2 superio/*: Relocate Kconfig to chip folder. by Omar Pakker · 7 years ago
  5. bf725b4 superio/nuvoton/nct5572d: Add PS/2 presence detect by Paul Menzel · 7 years ago
  6. 448e386 drivers/pc80: Add PS/2 mouse presence detect by Timothy Pearson · 7 years ago
  7. 3b01cf1 superio/nuvoton/nct5572d: Add missing logical devices by Kyösti Mälkki · 7 years ago
  8. a73b931 tree: drop last paragraph of GPL copyright header by Patrick Georgi · 7 years ago
  9. 907ea33 superio/nuvoton/nct5572d: Enable power state after power failure support by Timothy Pearson · 7 years ago
  10. b890a12 Remove address from GPLv2 headers by Patrick Georgi · 8 years ago
  11. 14be0da superio/nuvoton: Add support for Nuvoton NCT5572D by Felix Held · 9 years ago