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Martin Roth669e1552019-07-28 18:39:33 -06001# This is the list of coreboot authors for copyright purposes.
3# This does not necessarily list everyone who has contributed code, since in
4# some cases, their employer may be the copyright holder. To see the full list
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -06005# of contributors, and their email addresses, see the revision history in source
6# control.
7# Run the below commands in the coreboot repo for additional information.
8# To see a list of contributors: git log --pretty=format:%an | sort | uniq
9# For patches adding or removing a name: git log -i -S "NAME" --source --all
Martin Roth669e1552019-07-28 18:39:33 -060010
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -0600119elements Agency GmbH
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070012Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010013AG Electronics Ltd.
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -060014Alex Züpke
Martin Roth669e1552019-07-28 18:39:33 -060015Alexander Couzens
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060016Alexandru Gagniuc
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060017Analog Devices Inc.
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -060018Andy Fleming
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -060019ARM Limited and Contributors
Martin Roth838d8b02019-08-30 22:13:33 -060020Arthur Heymans
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060021ASPEED Technology Inc.
22Atheros Corporation
23Atmel Corporation
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010024BAP - Bruhnspace Advanced Projects
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060025Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010026Christoph Grenz
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060027coresystems GmbH
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010028Corey Osgood
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060029Damien Zammit
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060030David Brownell
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070031David Hendricks
32David Mosberger-Tang
Martin Roth838d8b02019-08-30 22:13:33 -060033Denis Dowling
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060034DENX Software Engineering
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010035Digital Design Corporation
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070036DMP Electronics Inc.
37Drew Eckhardt
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010038Dynon Avionics
39Edward O'Callaghan
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070040Egbert Eich
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060041Eltan B.V
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060042Eric Biederman
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -060043Eswar Nallusamy
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010044Fabian Kunkel
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -060045Facebook, Inc.
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070046Felix Held
47Frederic Potter
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060048Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070049Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060050Gary Jennejohn
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -060051Gerd Hoffmann
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010052Gergely Kiss
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060053Google LLC
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070054Greg Watson
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060055Idwer Vollering
Martin Roth14587772019-07-28 20:00:02 -060056Imagination Technologies
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060057Infineon Technologies
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -060058Intel Corporation
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -060059Jason Zhao
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060060Jonathan Neuschäfer
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -060061Jordan Crouse
Martin Roth838d8b02019-08-30 22:13:33 -060062Joseph Smith
63Keith Hui
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060064Keith Packard
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010065Kevin Cody-Little
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060066Kshitij
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060067Kyösti Mälkki
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -060068Lei Wen
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070069Li-Ta Lo
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -060070Libra Li
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010071Libretrend LDA
Martin Roth65244a72019-08-30 21:34:34 -060072Linus Torvalds
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070073Linux Networx, Inc.
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060074Luc Verhaegen
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060075Marc Jones
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -060076Marek Vasut
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060077Marius Gröger
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070078Martin Mares
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060079Marvell International Ltd.
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070080Marvell Semiconductor Inc.
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010081Matt DeVillier
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070082MediaTek Inc.
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010083Mondrian Nuessle
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060084MontaVista Software, Inc.
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070085Myles Watson
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060086Network Appliance Inc.
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -060087Nicholas Sielicki
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -060088Nick Barker
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -070089Nico Huber
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010090Nicola Corna
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060091Ollie Lo
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010092Omar Pakker
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -060093Orion Technologies, LLC
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -060094Patrick Georgi
95Patrick Rudolph
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +010096Pavel Sayekat
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060097PC Engines GmbH
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -060098Per Odlund
Martin Roth97ea3462019-08-30 21:52:21 -060099Peter Stuge
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100100Philipp Degler
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -0700102Raptor Engineering, LLC
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600103Red Hat Inc
104Reinhard Meyer
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100105Richard Spiegel
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600106Richard Woodruff
107Ronald G. Minnich
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -0600108Rudolf Marek
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600109Russell King
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -0600110Sage Electronic Engineering, LLC
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600111Samsung Electronics
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100112Samuel Holland
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -0700113SciTech Software, Inc.
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600114Sebastian Grzywna
Martin Roth65244a72019-08-30 21:34:34 -0600115secunet Security Networks AG
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -0600116Siemens AG
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -0600117Silicon Integrated System Corporation
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100118Silverback ltd.
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -0600119Stefan Reinauer
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600120Steve Magnani
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600121ST Microelectronics
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -0600122SUSE LINUX AG
Martin Roth20bbd812019-08-30 21:09:37 -0600123Sven Schnelle
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600124Syed Mohammed Khasim
125Texas Instruments
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100126The ChromiumOS Authors
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600127The Linux Foundation
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600128Thomas Winischhofer
Martin Roth96c075a2019-07-28 19:50:52 -0600129Timothy Pearson
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100130Tobias Diedrich
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600131Tungsten Graphics, Inc.
Martin Roth838d8b02019-08-30 22:13:33 -0600132Tyan Computer Corp.
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600133ucRobotics Inc.
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100134University of Heidelberg
Martin Roth838d8b02019-08-30 22:13:33 -0600135Uwe Hermann
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -0600136VIA Technologies, Inc
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600137Vipin Kumar
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100138Vladimir Serbinenko
139Wang Qing Pei
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600140Ward Vandewege
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100141Win Enterprises
Martin Roth155c8022019-07-28 19:25:07 -0600142Wolfgang Denk
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -0600143Yinghai Lu
Martin Roth669e1552019-07-28 18:39:33 -0600144
147# Directories transferred
Martin Roth0443ac22019-08-30 21:29:41 -0600149src/arch
Martin Roth65244a72019-08-30 21:34:34 -0600151src/console
Martin Rothd57ace22019-08-31 10:48:37 -0600152src/cpu
Martin Roth99f83bb2019-09-15 20:57:18 -0700153src/device
Martin Rothf88bad82019-10-20 20:30:35 -0600154src/drivers
Felix Held87446642020-01-23 16:05:53 +0100155src/superio