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Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +00001# Options in this file are meant to be deprecated. Avoid their use
2# if possible, and if you find the time, or touch the general area
3# for other purposes, please consider removing their uses.
Stefan Reinauer1b342262011-01-05 02:27:53 +00005menu "Deprecated"
Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +00007# It might be possible to consolidate hard_reset() to southbridges,
8# given that it (usually) uses its registers.
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +00009# The long term goal would be to eliminate hard_reset() from boards.
Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +000010config BOARD_HAS_HARD_RESET
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000011 bool
12 default n
13 help
14 This variable specifies whether a given board has a reset.c
15 file containing a hard_reset() function.
Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +000016
17# It might be possible to consolidate FADTs to southbridges. This would
18# improve code reuse in the tree.
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000020 bool
21 default n
22 help
23 This variable specifies whether a given board has a board-local
24 FADT in fadt.c. Long-term, those should be moved to appropriate
25 chipset components (eg. southbridge).
Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +000026
27# There ought to be a better place to put data than code. Also, make this
28# (or a similar) framework more universally usable, so all boards benefit
29# from sharing data between the various tables.
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000031 bool
32 default n
Patrick Georgicc669262010-03-14 21:31:05 +000033 help
34 This variable specifies whether a given board has a get_bus_conf.c
35 file containing information about bus routing.
Kevin O'Connor9c35c842010-09-09 08:34:02 +000036
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000037# Will be removed (alongside with the PS/2 init code) once payloads
38# reliably support PS/2 init themselves.
Kevin O'Connor9c35c842010-09-09 08:34:02 +000039config DRIVERS_PS2_KEYBOARD
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000040 bool "PS/2 keyboard init"
Kevin O'Connor9c35c842010-09-09 08:34:02 +000041 default y
42 help
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000043 Enable this option to initialize PS/2 keyboards found connected
44 to the PS/2 port.
46 Some payloads (eg, filo) require this option. Other payloads
47 (eg, SeaBIOS, Linux) do not require it.
48 Initializing a PS/2 keyboard can take several hundred milliseconds.
Kevin O'Connor9c35c842010-09-09 08:34:02 +000050 If you know you will only use a payload which does not require
Uwe Hermann16db6c32010-09-23 18:48:27 +000051 this option, then you can say N here to speed up boot time.
52 Otherwise say Y.
Stefan Reinauer1d888a92011-04-21 20:24:43 +000054# This was a config option for a long time, but it never showed up in Kconfig.
55# It should go away and "tuning" should always be enabled when PCIe is there,
56# or it should be more fine grained (ie. Enable PCIe ASPM)
57config PCIE_TUNING
58 bool
59 default n
60 help
61 This variable enables certain PCIe optimizations. Right now it's
62 only ASPM and it's untested.
Patrick Georgia31bb072012-01-18 09:43:52 +010064config ID_SECTION_OFFSET
65 hex
66 default 0x80
Stefan Reinauer1b342262011-01-05 02:27:53 +000068endmenu