Add Board Checklist Support

Build the <board>_checklist.html file which contains a checklist table
for each stage of coreboot.  This processing builds a set of implemented
(done) routines which are marked green in the table.  The remaining
required routines (work-to-do) are marked red in the table and the
optional routines are marked yellow in the table.  The table heading
for each stage contains a completion percentage in terms of count of
routines (done .vs. required).

Add some Kconfig values:
*  CREATE_BOARD_CHECKLIST - When selected creates the checklist file
*  MAKE_CHECKLIST_PUBLIC - Copies the checklist file into the
   Documenation directory
*  CHECKLIST_DATA_FILE_LOCATION - Location of the checklist data files:
   *  <stage>_complete.dat - Lists all of the weak routines
   *  <stage>_optional.dat - Lists weak routines which may be optionally

TEST=Build with Galileo Gen2.

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