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* This file is part of the coreboot project.
* Copyright (C) 2013 Google Inc.
* Copyright (C) 2015 Intel Corp.
* Copyright (C) 2019 Eltan B.V.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; version 2 of the License.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* The devicetree parser expects chip.h to reside directly in the path
* specified by the devicetree.
#ifndef _SOC_CHIP_H_
#define _SOC_CHIP_H_
#include <stdint.h>
#include <fsp/util.h>
#include <intelblocks/lpc_lib.h>
#include <soc/pci_devs.h>
#define SVID_CONFIG1 1
#define SVID_CONFIG3 3
#define MEM_DDR3 0
#define MEM_LPDDR3 1
enum lpe_clk_src {
enum usb_comp_bg_value {
USB_COMP_BG_575_MV = 7,
USB_COMP_BG_650_MV = 6,
USB_COMP_BG_550_MV = 5,
USB_COMP_BG_537_MV = 4,
USB_COMP_BG_625_MV = 3,
USB_COMP_BG_700_MV = 2,
USB_COMP_BG_600_MV = 1,
USB_COMP_BG_675_MV = 0,
struct soc_intel_braswell_config {
uint8_t enable_xdp_tap;
uint8_t clkreq_enable;
enum serirq_mode serirq_mode;
/* Disable SLP_X stretching after SUS power well loss. */
int disable_slp_x_stretch_sus_fail;
/* LPE Audio Clock configuration. */
enum lpe_clk_src lpe_codec_clk_src; /* 0=xtal 1=PLL, Both are 19.2Mhz */
/* Native SD Card controller - override controller capabilities. */
uint32_t sdcard_cap_low;
uint32_t sdcard_cap_high;
/* Enable devices in ACPI mode */
int lpss_acpi_mode;
int emmc_acpi_mode;
int sd_acpi_mode;
int lpe_acpi_mode;
/* Allow PCIe devices to wake system from suspend. */
int pcie_wake_enable;
/* Program USB2_COMPBG register.
* [10:7] - select vref to AFE port
* x111 - 575mV, x110 - 650mV, x101 - 550mV, x100 - 537.5mV,
* x011 - 625mV, x010 - 700mV, x001 - 600mV, x000 - 675mV
enum usb_comp_bg_value usb_comp_bg;
* The following fields come from fsp_vpd.h .aka. VpdHeader.h.
* These are configuration values that are passed to FSP during
* MemoryInit.
UINT16 PcdMrcInitTsegSize;
UINT16 PcdMrcInitMmioSize;
UINT8 PcdMrcInitSpdAddr1;
UINT8 PcdMrcInitSpdAddr2;
UINT8 PcdIgdDvmt50PreAlloc;
UINT8 PcdApertureSize;
UINT8 PcdGttSize;
UINT8 PcdLegacySegDecode;
UINT8 PcdDvfsEnable;
UINT8 PcdCaMirrorEn; /* Command Address Mirroring Enabled */
* The following fields come from fsp_vpd.h .aka. VpdHeader.h.
* These are configuration values that are passed to FSP during
* SiliconInit.
UINT8 PcdSdcardMode;
UINT8 PcdEnableHsuart0;
UINT8 PcdEnableHsuart1;
UINT8 PcdEnableAzalia;
UINT8 PcdEnableSata;
UINT8 PcdEnableXhci;
UINT8 PcdEnableLpe;
UINT8 PcdEnableDma0;
UINT8 PcdEnableDma1;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C0;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C1;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C2;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C3;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C4;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C5;
UINT8 PcdEnableI2C6;
UINT8 PunitPwrConfigDisable;
UINT8 ChvSvidConfig;
UINT8 DptfDisable;
UINT8 PcdEmmcMode;
UINT8 PcdUsb3ClkSsc;
UINT8 PcdDispClkSsc;
UINT8 PcdSataClkSsc;
UINT8 Usb2Port0PerPortPeTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port0PerPortTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port0IUsbTxEmphasisEn;
UINT8 Usb2Port0PerPortTxPeHalf;
UINT8 Usb2Port1PerPortPeTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port1PerPortTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port1IUsbTxEmphasisEn;
UINT8 Usb2Port1PerPortTxPeHalf;
UINT8 Usb2Port2PerPortPeTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port2PerPortTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port2IUsbTxEmphasisEn;
UINT8 Usb2Port2PerPortTxPeHalf;
UINT8 Usb2Port3PerPortPeTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port3PerPortTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port3IUsbTxEmphasisEn;
UINT8 Usb2Port3PerPortTxPeHalf;
UINT8 Usb2Port4PerPortPeTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port4PerPortTxiSet;
UINT8 Usb2Port4IUsbTxEmphasisEn;
UINT8 Usb2Port4PerPortTxPeHalf;
UINT8 Usb3Lane0Ow2tapgen2deemph3p5;
UINT8 Usb3Lane1Ow2tapgen2deemph3p5;
UINT8 Usb3Lane2Ow2tapgen2deemph3p5;
UINT8 Usb3Lane3Ow2tapgen2deemph3p5;
UINT8 PcdSataInterfaceSpeed;
UINT8 PcdPchUsbSsicPort;
UINT8 PcdPchUsbHsicPort;
UINT8 PcdPcieRootPortSpeed;
UINT8 PcdPchSsicEnable;
UINT32 PcdLogoPtr;
UINT32 PcdLogoSize;
UINT8 PcdRtcLock;
UINT8 ISPEnable;
UINT8 ISPPciDevConfig;
UINT8 PcdSdDetectChk; /*Enable\Disable SD Card Detect Simulation*/
UINT8 I2C0Frequency; /* 0 - 100Khz, 1 - 400Khz, 2 - 1Mhz */
UINT8 I2C1Frequency;
UINT8 I2C2Frequency;
UINT8 I2C3Frequency;
UINT8 I2C4Frequency;
UINT8 I2C5Frequency;
UINT8 I2C6Frequency;
extern struct chip_operations soc_intel_braswell_ops;
#endif /* _SOC_CHIP_H_ */