coreboot_tables: Extend serial port description

Extend the serial port description to include the input clock frequency
and a payload specific value.

Without the input frequency it is impossible for the payload to compute
the baud-rate divisor without making an assumption about the frequency.
This breaks down when the UART is able to support multiple input clock

Add the UART_PCI_ADDR Kconfig value to specify the unique PCI device
being used as the console UART.  Specify this value as zero when the
UART is not on the PCI bus.  Otherwise specify the device using bus,
device and function along with setting the valid bit.

Currently the only payload to consume these new fields is the EDK-II

Testing on Galileo:
*  Edit the src/mainboard/intel/galileo/ file:
   *  Add "select ADD_FSP_PDAT_FILE"
   *  Add "select ADD_FSP_RAW_BIN"
   *  Add "select ADD_RMU_FILE"
*  Place the FSP.bin file in the location specified by CONFIG_FSP_FILE
*  Place the pdat.bin files in the location specified by
*  Place the rmu.bin file in the location specified by CONFIG_RMU_FILE
*  Build EDK2 CorebootPayloadPkg/CorebootPayloadPkgIa32.dsc to generate
*  Testing is successful when CorebootPayloadPkg is able to properly
   initialize the serial port without using built-in values.

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