Deduplicate various ACPI .asl files.

The files debug.asl, globutil.asl, and statdef.asl are duplicated in
many K8/Fam10h boards. However, they're neither board-specific nor
K8/Fam10h-specific nor AMD-specific, so move them to src/arch/i386/acpi.

debug.asl contains generic chunks for I/O port 0x80 handling, and debug
output over serial port (init COM port, send byte, send string, etc).

globutil.asl contains utility methods for string comparison, string length
and similar stuff.

statdef.asl contains generic ACPI bit definitions / status codes from
the ACPI spec (not board- or chipset-specific).

This patch was mostly generated by:

mkdir src/arch/i386/acpi
svn add src/arch/i386/acpi
svn cp src/mainboard/amd/dbm690t/acpi/debug.asl src/arch/i386/acpi/
svn cp src/mainboard/amd/dbm690t/acpi/globutil.asl src/arch/i386/acpi/
svn cp src/mainboard/amd/dbm690t/acpi/statdef.asl src/arch/i386/acpi/
cd src/mainboard
find . -name debug.asl -exec svn rm {} \;
find . -name globutil.asl -exec svn rm {} \;
find . -name statdef.asl -exec svn rm {} \;


Signed-off-by: Uwe Hermann <>
Acked-by: Stefan Reinauer <>

git-svn-id: svn:// 2b7e53f0-3cfb-0310-b3e9-8179ed1497e1
59 files changed
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