- To reduce confuse rename the parts of linuxbios bios that run from
  ram linuxbios_ram instead of linuxbios_c and linuxbios_payload...
- Reordered the linker sections so the LinuxBIOS fallback image can take more the 64KiB on x86
- ROM_IMAGE_SIZE now will work when it is specified as larger than 64KiB.
- Tweaked the reset16.inc and reset16.lds to move the sanity check to see if everything will work.
- Start using romcc's built in preprocessor (This will simplify header compiler checks)
- Add helper functions for examining all of the resources
- Remove debug strings from chip.h
- Add llshell to src/arch/i386/llshell (Sometime later I can try it...)
- Add the ability to catch exceptions on x86
- Add gdb_stub support to x86
- Removed old cpu options
- Added an option so we can detect movnti support
- Remove some duplicate definitions from pci_ids.h
- Remove the 64bit resource code in amdk8/northbridge.c in preparation for making it generic
- Minor romcc bug fixes

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