pnp: Provide alternative pnp_enable() implementation

The current default implementation of pnp_enable() only disables devices
- if set so in the devicetree - but does not enable them. Enablement takes
place in pnp_enable_resources(). Yet, many PnP chips implement their own
version of pnp_enable() which also enables devices if set in the devicetree.

It's arguable, if enabling those devices makes sense, before they get
resources assigned. Maybe we can't write the resource registers if not,
who knows? The least we can do is providing a common implementation for
this behavior, and get rid of some code duplication.

Used the following cocci:
    expression e;
    -pnp_set_enable(e, !!e->enabled);
    -(e->enabled) ? pnp_set_enable(e, 1) : pnp_set_enable(e, 0);
    -if (e->enabled) { pnp_set_enable(e, 1); }
    -else { pnp_set_enable(e, 0); }

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