storm: add ipq8064 blobs to the CBFS

Files necessary for the SOC bringup are added to the CBFS as raw

Ipq8064 specific MBN header will allow to determine were the blobs
should be loaded and what start address should be used.

TEST=build storm firmware and verify that the right components are added:
  $ emerge-storm coreboot chromeos-bootimage
  $ cbfstool /build/storm/firmware/image.bin  print
  image.bin: 8192 kB, bootblocksize 32488, romsize 2883584, offset 0x7f40
  alignment: 64 bytes, architecture: arm

  Name                           Offset     Type         Size
  cdt.mbn                        0x7f40     raw          376
  ddr.mbn                        0x8100     raw          25820
  rpm.mbn                        0xe640     raw          78512
  tz.mbn                         0x21940    raw          85360
  fallback/verstage              0x36700    stage        39500
  fallback/romstage              0x401c0    stage        15652
  fallback/ramstage              0x43f40    stage        24328
  config                         0x49e80    raw          2701
  fallback/payload               0x4a940    payload      65592
  u-boot.dtb                     0x5a9c0    (unknown)    2922
  (empty)                        0x5b580    null         2509336

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Signed-off-by: Stefan Reinauer <>
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