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#include <arch/asm.h>
#include <arch/intel.h>
#include <cpu/x86/mtrr.h>
#include <cpu/x86/lapic_def.h>
.globl _secondary_start
.balign 4096
xorl %eax, %eax
movl %eax, %cr3 /* Invalidate TLB*/
/* On hyper threaded cpus, invalidating the cache here is
* very very bad. Don't.
/* setup the data segment */
movw %cs, %ax
movw %ax, %ds
data32 lgdt gdtaddr - _secondary_start
movl %cr0, %eax
andl $0x7FFAFFD1, %eax /* PG,AM,WP,NE,TS,EM,MP = 0 */
orl $0x60000001, %eax /* CD, NW, PE = 1 */
movl %eax, %cr0
ljmpl $0x10, $1f
movw $0x18, %ax
movw %ax, %ds
movw %ax, %es
movw %ax, %ss
movw %ax, %fs
movw %ax, %gs
/* Load the Interrupt descriptor table */
lidt idtarg
/* Set the stack pointer, and flag that we are done */
xorl %eax, %eax
movl secondary_stack, %esp
movl %eax, secondary_stack
call secondary_cpu_init
1: hlt
jmp 1b
.word gdt_limit /* the table limit */
.long gdt /* we know the offset */