arm: Add bootblock_mainboard_early_init() for pre-console initialization

On most platforms, enabling the console and exception handlers are
amongst the very first things you want to do, as they help you see
what's going on and debug errors in other early init code. However, most
ARM boards require some small amount of board-specific initialization
(pinmuxing, maybe clocks) to get the UART running, which is why
bootblock_mainboard_init() (and with it almost all of the actual
bootblock code) always had to run before console initialization for now.

This patch introduces an explicit bootblock_mainboard_early_init() hook
for only that part of initialization that absolutely needs to run before
console output. The other two hooks for SoC and mainboard are moved
below console_init(). This model has already proven its worth before in
the tegra124 and tegra132 custom bootblocks.

TEST=Booted on Pinky. Compiled for Daisy, Storm and Ryu.

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Signed-off-by: Patrick Georgi <>
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