sandybridge ivybridge: Treat native init as first class citizen

This is a sad story. We have three different code paths for
sandybridge and ivybridge: proper native path, google MRC path, and,
everyone's favorite: Intel FSP path. For the purpose of this patch,
the FSP path lives in its own little world, and doesn't concern us.

Since MRC was first, when native files and variables were added, they
were suffixed with "_native" to separate them from the existing code.
This can cause confusion, as the suffix might make the native files
seem parasitical.

This has been bothering me for many months. MRC should be the
parasitical path, especially since we fully support native init, and
it works more reliably, on a wider range of hardware. There have been
a few board ports that never made it to because MRC would

gigabyte/ga-b75m-d3h is a prime example: it did not work with MRC, so
the effort was abandoned at first. Once the native path became
available, the effort was restarted and the board is now supported.

In honor of the hackers and pioneers who made the native code
possible, rename things so that their effort is the first class

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