gpio: Extend common GPIO header, simplify function names

We've had gpiolib.h which defines a few common GPIO access functions for
a while, but it wasn't really complete. This patch adds the missing
gpio_output() function, and also renames the unwieldy
gpio_get_in_value() and gpio_set_out_value() to the much easier to
handle gpio_get() and gpio_set(). The header is renamed to the simpler
gpio.h while we're at it (there was never really anything "lib" about
it, and it was presumably just chosen due to the IPQ806x include/
conflict problem that is now resolved).

It also moves the definition of gpio_t into SoC-specific code, so that
different implementations are free to encode their platform-specific
GPIO parameters in those 4 bytes in the most convenient way (such as the
rk3288 with a bitfield struct). Every SoC intending to use this common
API should supply a <soc/gpio.h> that typedefs gpio_t to a type at most
4 bytes in length. Files accessing the API only need to include <gpio.h>
which may pull in additional things (like a gpio_t creation macro) from
<soc/gpio.h> on its own.

For now the API is still only used on non-x86 SoCs. Whether it makes
sense to expand it to x86 as well should be separately evaluated at a
later point (by someone who understands those systems better). Also,
Exynos retains its old, incompatible GPIO API even though it would be a
prime candidate, because it's currently just not worth the effort.

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