tpm2: add SPI TPM driver

This introduces a SPI TPM driver compliant with the TCG issued "TPM
Profile (PTP) Specification Revision 00.43" which can be found by
googling its title.

The driver implements both the hardware flow control protocol and the
TPM state machine.

The hardware flow control allows to map SPI based TPM devices to the
LPC address space on x86 platforms, on all other platforms it needs to
be implemented in the driver software.

The tis layer is somewhat superficial, it might have to be expanded

A lot more implementation details can be found in the code comments.

Also, it is worth mentioning that this is not a complete version of
the driver: its robustness needs to be improved, delay loops need to
be bound, error conditions need to propagate up the call stack.

BUG=chrome-os-partner:52132, chrome-os-partner:50645, chrome-os-partner:54141
TEST=with the rest of the patches applied coreboot is able complete
     Chrome OS factory initialization of the TPM2 device.

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