util/mma: changing BOOT_STUB to COREBOOT region and few more things

(1) Added following new function.

cbfs_locate_file_in_region - to locate (and mmap) a file in a flash
  This function is used to look for MMA blobs in "COREBOOT" cbfs region

(2) mma_setup_test.sh would write to "COREBOOT" region.

(3) changes in mma_automated_test.sh. Few MMA tests need system to
be COLD rebooted before test can start. mma_automated_test.sh would
do COLD reboot after each test, and so i would sync the filesystem
before doing COLD reboot.

TEST=Build and Boot kunimitsu (FAB4). Able to locate MMA files in CBFS
Not tested on Glados.

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