AMD: Fix GFXUMA with 4GB or more RAM

Northbridge code incorrectly adjusted the last cacheable memory
resource to accomodate room for UMA framebuffer. If system had
4GB or more memory that last resource is not below 4GB and not
the one where UMA is located.

There are three consequences:

The last entry in coreboot memory table is reduced by uma_memory_size.

Due the incorrect code in northbridge code state.tomk,
end of last resource below 4GB, had not been adjusted.
Incrementing that by uma_memory_size diverts a region
possibly claimed for MMIO to RAM, as TOP_MEM is written.

Since the UMA framebuffer did not have IORESOURCE_CACHEABLE,
it was ignored from the MTRR setup and not set uncacheable.

The setting of TOP_MEM and TOP_MEM2, as well as all the MTRRs,
should be copied from BSP to all APs instead of deriving the data
separately for each Logical CPU.

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