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= Mainboards supported by coreboot =
This page shows two representations of the same data:
First a list of all mainboards supported by coreboot (current within
one hour) ordered by category. For each mainboard the table shows the
latest user-contributed report of a successful boot on the device.
After that, the page provides a time-ordered list of these contributed
reports, with the newest report first.
Boards without such reports may boot or there may be some maintenance
required. The reports contain the coreboot configuration and precise commit
id, so it is possible to reproduce the build.
We encourage developers and users to contribute reports so we know which
devices are well-tested. We have
[ a tool in the coreboot repository]
to make contributing easy. The data resides in the
[ board status repository].
Contributing requires an account on
Sometimes the same board is sold under different names, we've tried to
list all known names but some names might be missing.
If the board is not found in the coreboot's source code, there might
be some form of support that is not ready yet for inclusion in coreboot,
usually people willing to send their patches to coreboot goes through
[ gerrit], so looking there could find some
code for boards that are not yet merged.
= Vendor trees =
Some vendors have their own coreboot trees/fork, like for instance:
* [;a=summary chrome/chromium's tree]