linking: link bootblock.elf with .data and .bss sections again

Currently coreboot expects the loader to clear the bss section
for all stages. i.e. stages don't clear their own bss. On ARM
SoCs the BootROM would be responsible for this. To do that
one needs to include the bss section data (all zeros) in the
bootblock.bin file. This was previously being attempted by
keeping the .bss info in the .data section because objcopy
happened zero out non-file allocated data section data.

Instead go back to linking bootblock with the bss section
but mark the bss section as loadable allocatable data. That
way it will be included in the binary properly when objcopy
-O binary is emplyed. Also do the same for the data section
in the case of no non-zero object values are in the data

Without this change the trick of including .bss in .data
was not working when there wasn't a non-zero value object
in the data section.

TEST=Built emulation/qemu-armv7 and noted bootblock.bin contains
     the cleared bss.

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