Doxygen: add a "simple" output config and make target

This is a doxygen target I'm using for cleaning up the coreboot doxygen
output.  It runs in about a minute instead of....  a lot longer, and
only generates documentation for the coreboot/src directory, excluding

It was requested that the comments be stripped to make it easier to
read.  This was done through the following command (split for gerrit):

head -n 1 Doxyfile.coreboot_simple > Doxyfile.tmp ;
cat Doxyfile.coreboot_simple | sed 's|^\s*#.*$||' | sed '/^$/d' | sed 's|[[:space:]]\+$||' >> Doxyfile.tmp ;
mv Doxyfile.tmp Doxyfile.coreboot_simple

I'm including the command here because any time the file is updated
with the doxygen wizard, it will need to be run again.  It might be
desirable to turn this into a script in the documentation directory.

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