sb/intel/*: add option to lockdown chipset on normal boot path

On platforms with a PCH, some registers within host bridge should be
locked down on each normal boot path (done by either coreboot or
payload) and S3 resume (always done by coreboot).

A function to perform such locking is implemented in src/northbridge/
intel/*/finalize.c, and is designed as the handler of an #SMI triggered
with outb(APM_CNT_FINALIZE, APM_CNT), but currently this #SMI is only
triggered during s3 resume, and not on normal boot path. This problem
has beed discussed in .

This time, an option "INTEL_CHIPSET_LOCKDOWN" within src/southbridge/
intel/common/Kconfig is added to control the actual locking, which
depends on several compatibility flags, including

In this commit, "ibexpeak", "bd82x6x", "fsp_bd82x6x", and "lynxpoint"
have the flag "HAVE_INTEL_CHIPSET_LOCKDOWN" selected.

The change is only well tested on Sandy Bridge, my Lenovo x230.

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Signed-off-by: Bill XIE <>
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